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1. [100.00%] US and Canadian Inventors and Inventions -
US and Canadian Inventors and Inventions - 174.5kb

2. [80.88%] Explorers of North America -
Explorers of North America. - 108.9kb

3. [76.34%] Here and THere Japan
skip to sidebar Here and THere Japan This and that from Here and tHere. Snapshots of life in Japan. Written especially for kids. August 15, 2009 The Neighbor's Kiwi This photo was taken at - 108.4kb

4. [63.86%] Explorers of North America:
Explorers of North America - 112.8kb

5. [63.53%] Dolch Words:
Dolch Words. Edward W. Dolch listed the words most frequently used in children - 87.9kb

6. [62.07%] Early Twentieth Century Inventors and Inventions:
Early Twentieth Century Inventors and Inventions: the early 1900 - 89.3kb

7. [51.22%] Earlychildhood NEWS
who knows what germs are there. Then she touches her feet then the children. GROSS!!!!!. Yes it would be cooler in the summer but it is not clean and safe for the children. I would hope that the children are not allowed to walk around barefoot - 289.5kb

8. [44.08%] The Poem Farm: Poetry Friday is a Full Buffet Today!
these poempoems on Fridays. here are a few of them to help usher in beautiful April. The Poem Fire If I Were an Octopus Poemmittens Students - if you are writing poems this month, consider writing a poem about poems. Then, hang - 215.9kb

9. [43.11%] Activities on Japan at
Activities on Japan at - 27.2kb

10. [36.63%] Japan, A Printable Book for Fluent Readers -
Japan, A Printable Book. Print out a Japan fluent reader book. - 22.4kb

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