The Poem Farm
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Description: An ad-free, easily searchable site full of children\'s poems, lessons about writing poetry,and highlights of poem books and student writing in classrooms. A healthy and happy celebration of poetry!
Labels: Reading & Writing, Educational, Resources for Teachers

The Wonderful World of Joan Aiken
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Description: The official website for Joan Aiken author, of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and many more favourites; a brand new site - richly informative about the writer\\\'s life and books with fun and facts for all ages.
Labels: Educational, Reading & Writing, Art & Music, Other Resources

The world of Victor, a whole world for toddlers
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Description: A world of development and discovery for toddlers. Games, a gallery, coloring, songs, and lots of activities allowing any child to develop an imagination and learn while having fun! A website specially designed to make children ages 2-4 familiar with multimedia while discovering nature and animals.
Labels: Educational, Fun & Games, Science, Art & Music

Time for Kids
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Description: Time Magazine\'s website for kids - News, Homework Helper, Games and more
Labels: Educational, Fun & Games, Science, History, Homework

Tiny Planets
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Description: Educaitonal Games, Videos and Stories for kids
Labels: Educational, Fun & Games, Science

Try Science
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Description: Science Education, experiments, museums and more brought to you through a partnership between IBM Corporation, the New York Hall of Science (NYHOS), the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), and science centers worldwide.
Labels: Educational, Science

Tutor Hunt - Private Tutors and Personal Tutors for Home Tuition
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Description: We provide a completely free service for tutors whereby students can find the nearest tutor to them who matches their requirements. Our service is used by thousands of parents and students.
Labels: Resources for Teachers, Resources for Parents, Educational

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Description: Where kids follow the artist hand to draw Cartoons that zap what threatens their Playground Earth. Following the KidSwoop artist hand helps even kids who don\\\'t think they can draw very well shape their cartoon characters. Kids create their cartoon ideas on the KidSwoop website Drawing Board. KidSwoop Cartoons, more than cute drawings, use words to pack the punch to attract the attention of adults and other kids. This is no phony war game blowing fictional enemies to digital bloody bits. This is combatting real life assaults with real pictures and words from the heads and hands of real kids. The real live excitement of pitting solar and wind energy against energy waste and pollution. Conservation and natural strategies against wildlife extinction and food toxins. Prying minds open against blind profit motives. Real action! If a kid can\\\'t get to a parent about leaving a happy, healthy, livable, fun future for their kids, no one can. The take-action cartoons they create take their message to the public on CNN iReport and other major sites.
Labels: Educational, Entertainment, Art & Music, Other Resources

Weekly Reader Classroom Magazine and Educational Supplements
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Description: Reading games and activities for Kids
Labels: Educational, Fun & Games, Reading & Writing

Wildlife Conservation Society for Kids
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Labels: Educational, Fun & Games, Science, Homework


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