Quintura for Kids
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Description: Quintura for Kids is a visual and intuitive search engine for children.
Labels: Entertainment, Educational, Fun & Games, Other, Other Resources

Scrap Coloing
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Description: Free online coloring pages for kids with a rich variety of colorful patterns, gradients, fabrics, papers and textures for hours of fun and creativity.
Labels: Entertainment, Educational, Fun & Games, Art & Music, Resources for Teachers

Sesame Workshop - Sesame Street
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Description: Sesame Street educational activities and games
Labels: Entertainment, Educational, Fun & Games, Reading & Writing, Art & Music, Movies & TV

Shining Stars
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Description: Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. creates smiles all over the world. A leader in the gift and juvenile industry, we design, develop, and distribute innovative products that help people celebrate and commemorate milestones in their lives.
Labels: Entertainment, Toys

Sports Feel Good Stories
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Description: Inspiration from the World of Sports Welcome to SportsFeelGoodStories.com where you\'ll find sports stories from the past and present that focus on good deeds, overcoming obstacles, achievement and sportsmanship.
Labels: Entertainment, Sports

Sports Illustrated - For Kids
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Description: Sports Illustrated - For Kids
Labels: Entertainment, Sports

The Internets #1 Education site for K-8 kids and teachers
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Description: Educational Site for K-8 kids and teachers
Labels: Movies & TV, Fun & Games, Entertainment, Sports

Tom and Jerry Bowling
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Description: Kid safe bowling and based on Tom and Jerry cartoons. Also a Tom and Jerry Bonus game. This site collect NO information.
Labels: Entertainment, Fun & Games

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Description: TVOKids homepage
Labels: Entertainment, Fun & Games, Movies & TV

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Description: Where kids follow the artist hand to draw Cartoons that zap what threatens their Playground Earth. Following the KidSwoop artist hand helps even kids who don\\\'t think they can draw very well shape their cartoon characters. Kids create their cartoon ideas on the KidSwoop website Drawing Board. KidSwoop Cartoons, more than cute drawings, use words to pack the punch to attract the attention of adults and other kids. This is no phony war game blowing fictional enemies to digital bloody bits. This is combatting real life assaults with real pictures and words from the heads and hands of real kids. The real live excitement of pitting solar and wind energy against energy waste and pollution. Conservation and natural strategies against wildlife extinction and food toxins. Prying minds open against blind profit motives. Real action! If a kid can\\\'t get to a parent about leaving a happy, healthy, livable, fun future for their kids, no one can. The take-action cartoons they create take their message to the public on CNN iReport and other major sites.
Labels: Educational, Entertainment, Art & Music, Other Resources


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